Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why i choose Linux over Windows

I been a Windows user for over 5 years, and my impressions are not that good.  First of all, when you use a windows system, you are vulnerable to thousands of on-line threats that can put you at an security risk.   i cannot deal with these anti-virus programs popping up, giving you errors, or slowing your system down.  This is where i started to use linux.  The first distro i chose was ubuntu 9.10.  First installation, i had trouble getting the wireless to work but after a couple of tries and tweaks, i was up and running.  First thing i noticed, Ubuntu was a hell lot faster on my system.  There were many apps that came with the system.  For example, thunderbird, firefox, and lots of good tools.  i was really happy that firefox was the defualt browser.  Ie is shit. i been a l;inux user for almost 2 weeks now and im not going back to windows except for printing.

Go Linux community!!!
Burn in hell windows!!!

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