Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New to Linux? Try Linux Mint 10

Linux Mint 10 is one of he best Linux Distro i used in my Linux experience.  media codecs and flash comes pre-installed on you system.  Good media players like VLC comes pre-installed also.  Linux Mint comes with an search in its menu, where you can search for different applications.  Mint is very fast and stable, it has the cool compiz effects.  Mint is very fast and sleek.  It comes with many very cool looking themes and customizations.  Of course, Mint can run the popular browsers like Chrome, and Opera.  Mint has a very kind community and has a dedicated sever.  When Mint is fully installed with your graphics and updates, Mint can run flash sites play movies, songs, stream movies and much more!!  Linux Mint 10 s similar to ubuntu but i dont think it is based on Debain.  Mint offers more features then ubuntu.  I recommend Mint to new users switching from windows to linux.  There is no reason to use windows now except for games.

What Mint can do that windows 7 can also do
View flash video
Open-office suite (no need to spend $1XX on a word processor)
Coding in a variety of lanuages (except .exe duh! )
Run popular unversial apps live Team Viewer
Run Popular Universial Browsers like chrome,Opera and of course Firefox

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