Friday, April 8, 2011

Blog Shutdown and isolation

I wont be making anymore posts anymore; takes too much time.. i need to spend more time on school work.... sorrry blog will still remain but i wont be on anymore (or not as often). there are 40 posts so take your time reading :)

Owner of this linux blog

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Episode 57: Justin’s IRC

Blog Will now play Lastest Linux Mint Podcast!

Now you can listen to the lastest mint podcast when you visit my blog!! YAY! Firefox 4, chrome 10, and opera should be able to handle it well. i only tested it in firefox 4; tell me if it works in those other browsers in the comments!!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Credit Notice!


Blog now has some NEW firefox Technology!!

I added some kool things to this blog!! now it can play a background Linux Mint Podcast!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Check out the Glow page

Tried porting the source to htm1 but couldn't :(

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Cleaner Template

Hope you like new template!!

Need linux Help? Need Windows Help? Jailbreak Help? Ipod Help? General PC help? Problems with Windows machine? Viruses? Slow Machine?

If you would like some help from me, feel free to post your question in the comments below.  i would gladly reply and answer your questions!!

Format of Question:

Your Operating System
Description of the Problem
When problem first started
Your attempts to fix

Linux Distro Migration

I am going to be migrating to Debain to use for a while because i want a more professional linux distro.  I'm not really interested in compiz or any of those cool features.  This migration will not affect the dev of the i4anime app!

Learn c#!

First lesson on c#
C# isn't that hard of a language to learn

All these are by default!

but these comes in handy

close(); goes here), ("Name of messagebox");

label1.text=("text in here")

system.dianostic.process.start("URL goes here");

button1.text=("Text goes here");

new form1 form1 = new form1();

Learn these for now, play around with it!


Mail Client; now the user is able to send me bug reports so i can respond and fix!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

1st goal 20 Followers

Hello dear guests new to this blog,
i am a native linux user and my followers dont use Windows.  i am a very kind person and will help you with your linux related questions.  I just need to see that peope care about what i post and im not posting for no reason.

Thank You~

Linux is great why? (Linux Mint)

1.  Able to check email (comes with GREAT email client)
2.  Firefox is default browser (great, fast,secure browser)
3.  VERY VERY fast
4.  Able to play edit,render, upload movies
5.  Able to browse the web without viruses
6.  Able to be installed on an older (prob 2009) pc

Why i use linux and NOT Windows

1.  No viruses
2.  Very stable and clean
3.  Strong support commuity
4.  Software is Free and open-sourced not freeware
5.  No annoying sounds (like the theme ones and start up)
6.  No bloatware Like IE 8, Windows Media Player, Windows Live, notepad, wordpad.  All those are shit, any FREE pre-installed microsoft products are shit

Zune HD Review compared to Ipod touch 4th gen

First impression; NOWHERE NEAR IPOD TOUCH 4th GEN
What is better
Zune comes with shitty IE 6 mobile browser!! WTF?! IE 6????!!!!! that brower is SHIT!  Safari has youtube support and loads 5x Faster!!  Updates are important.  The ipod get Updates every few months or so... the zune?!!!! EVERY YEAR OR SO!!!  The zune HD offers couple good features though.. HD radio, video player, music player.  Thats about it...  Ipod touch is perfect!!!!! Zune is ech

ipod touch 4th rating
Zune Hd Rating

Requests for Custom Design (Early bird gets the worm!!)

If you want a custom design for the i4anime app
Custom Design will be available after the final release

Please provide the following info:

Colors you want be specific
Form1 color
Form 2 color
Form 3 color
Form 4 color

More Details will be given when i finished with the app!

Not accepting requests yet!
Requests will be made on i4!

Upcoming NEW and IMPROVED features!!

the i4anime app will have the following changes:
  • Faster loading speed
  • More Stable
  • No more lag
  • Very LightWeight
  • Custom Design
 March 25,2011: Alpha will be available
March 28,2011:  Beta Will be available
Apri1, 1, 2011: Beta testing will be done by me and the Team
April,4, 2011: RC will be available
April, 7, 2011: Pre-Release (Hopefully with no bugs) will be available
April,8, 2011; Final Version will be available
ETA: April, 8, 2011


After messing around with c#, i figured how to show some forms and open a default browser.  The visual basic app, i made was extremely laggy.  Hopefully, this c# version will be better.  i am working on this app on the weekends.  All updates will be posted on this blog, as well as pre-releases and testing betas!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Visual basic or c++ Developers, i need your need your help!

Dear kind linux community,
i want to put together a small group of people who are good in the c++  or visual basic language.  We can work on a project together and release to the public.   Our software will be open-sourced and free.

Please comment if you are interested~

Initial Departure on Linux

I am only leaving linux for a couple of days so i can work on a project in c++.  i will still use mint or ubuntu, but i will be using Windows 7 as my primary system.  Until, i find a way to code c++ on linux natively i will be using Windows! No worries, blog will still be up and running!

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to share connection via Ethernet to Xbox or computer

Recently I tried setting up the laptop computer in my gameroom to share its wireless Internet connection via Ethernet. That might be a little confusing, so allow me to explain.

What I wanted to do was plug my Xbox  into my laptop and have it access the Internet(XBL). When I tried to search for how to share your wireless connection in this way, I mainly found a series of cryptic instructions – often revolving around the excellent Firestarter firewall – none of which worked for me.

But don’t worry – there is a simple way to do this, and I figured it out accidently while following all the various sets of instructions I found. As a service to the Ubuntu community,  here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to share your wireless connection via your ethernet port in Ubuntu.

[b]Step 1: Edit Network Comnections[/b]

On your top panel, beside your clock and your system icons, you’ll see your network indicator. When you’re connected to wireless, it features bars telling you the stength of your network connection. Right-click this, then click “Edit Connections.”

Step 2: Edit the ethernet settings

In the window you just opened, make sure you’re looking at the “Wired” tab. Then select the “Auto eth0” connection and click “Edit.”
Alternatively you can create a new connection by clicking “Add” but I found it simplest to just change the default. Just be sure to remember that you changed this setting in case you ever want to use your Ethernet port to access the Internet again, because you will have to change it back to do so.

Step 3: Set to Share

Here’s where stuff starts to look confusing, but don’t panic: it’s not that bad. Click the “IPv4 Settings” tab. Beside the word “Method:” there is a drop-down menu that allows you to pick the manner in which your Ethernet device connects to the network. Select the “Shared to other computers” setting.
Restart your computer. Assuming everything applied correctly, you should now be able to connect any computer or gaming device to the Internet via your laptop’s Ethernet port.

Tutorial From Blackfr13 (in authors group)

Sliverlight works on linux Mint

Go to the link and see if you can view the videos:


Internet Explorer 9 downloaded 2.3 million times in first day; Firefox 3 managed 8 million!

Firefox logoInternet Explorer 9, in its first 24 hours of availability, has racked up a grand total of 2.3 million downloads. An impressive number, until you compare it to the latest major releases from Mozilla: Firefox 3.5 was downloaded 5 million times in 24 hours -- and Firefox 3, back in 2008, holds the world record for any piece of software with over 8 million downloads in one day.

Of course it isn't an entirely fair comparison. The Internet is a different place today than it was back in 2008. For a start, Google Chrome burst onto the scene and has diluted IE's market share ever since. Then there's the fact that browsers are generally a lot better in 2011 than 2008. When Firefox 3 came out, the only other option was Internet Explorer 7! In contrast, Firefox 3.6, Internet Explorer 8 and Chrome are all good browsers -- in short, there's no compelling reason to upgrade to IE9.

More importantly, let's not forget that the Internet has grown massively in the last three years, gathering hundreds of millions of new users -- and all of those users need Web browsers! It's rather surprising, given the huge target audience, to see Internet Explorer 9 quite so far behind Firefox 3, and even Firefox 3.5. It's not like Microsoft hasn't spent an awful lot on marketing its new browser, and IE9 has received plenty of attention from the tech world, too.

Ultimately, I think, it comes down to the grass roots nature of the open source movement, and the zealous loyalty of Firefox users. Six years ago, millions of people celebrated the release of Firefox 1.0 with launch parties -- including me! -- but no matter how hard Microsoft encourages us to embrace the beauty of the web, I don't think any release of Internet Explorer will ever inspire people to gather in a bar and drink to the long and healthy life of the World Wide Web.


Independent devlopment on Blackflr3's app request COMFIRMED

Due to the instability of visual basic, i am going to make a qt(c++) version of the app so it is more stable overall.  There are more tools and i can dev on my linux desktop. As app get closer to the almost finish stage, ill will post alpha's and beta and finally of course the stale release. i am also going to work on an independent set of apps which will include updates on a daily basis.  Visit this blog daily to see  current status on app. 

The app should be able to run on Linux Mint as i will debugged it there.   i will also work on a windows system when the Linux version is finished and ready to be used.  Same for Mac(hopefully i can dev in an VM)

Thank you!

Want to be an author? Apply now!

Authors must have experience with Linux for AT LEAST 2 months.  Authors Must post news from Reliable sources and provide the source at the end of their post using the Link option.  Authors must give credits to the original author of their post.  Authors must either email me or PM me at i4 their posts so i can review!

If you meet these requirements please contact me, Please comment below saying you want to be an author and i will contact you privately, to keep spam out of my inbox and yours!

Thank you!!

New to Linux? Try Linux Mint 10

Linux Mint 10 is one of he best Linux Distro i used in my Linux experience.  media codecs and flash comes pre-installed on you system.  Good media players like VLC comes pre-installed also.  Linux Mint comes with an search in its menu, where you can search for different applications.  Mint is very fast and stable, it has the cool compiz effects.  Mint is very fast and sleek.  It comes with many very cool looking themes and customizations.  Of course, Mint can run the popular browsers like Chrome, and Opera.  Mint has a very kind community and has a dedicated sever.  When Mint is fully installed with your graphics and updates, Mint can run flash sites play movies, songs, stream movies and much more!!  Linux Mint 10 s similar to ubuntu but i dont think it is based on Debain.  Mint offers more features then ubuntu.  I recommend Mint to new users switching from windows to linux.  There is no reason to use windows now except for games.

What Mint can do that windows 7 can also do
View flash video
Open-office suite (no need to spend $1XX on a word processor)
Coding in a variety of lanuages (except .exe duh! )
Run popular unversial apps live Team Viewer
Run Popular Universial Browsers like chrome,Opera and of course Firefox

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You see?!! Lame microsoft

Microsoft releases IE9, non-committal on Zune

By Byron Acohido, USA TODAY

Posted 11h 21m ago |
 Microsoft on Tuesday officially released Internet Explorer 9, the latest version of its Web browser, with new privacy features. The software giant declined to confirm reports that it will soon discontinue its lukewarm-selling Zune music and video player.
And as of Tuesday, you can download Mozilla’s Firefox 4 “release candidate” software, the latest version of the popular open source Web browser, which is nearing its official release.
“In the long term, IE9 will help stabilize Microsoft’s share in browsers, assuming they can keep up with the fast pace of research and development coming from the open-source crowd," says IDC software applications analyst Al Hilwa.
Hilwa also notes that one of IE9’s distinguishing capabilities is the inclusion of a “Do Not Track” privacy mechanism that’s similar to a privacy feature introduced by Chrome. Microsoft and Google have taken steps to block some advertising networks from monitoring everywhere you go on the Internet, referred to as “click-stream tracking.”
Instead of trying to block ad networks, Mozilla is putting finishing touches on a mechanism that notifies every website you visit not to track you. However, a new federal law probably is needed to compel advertisers to honor such notices.
By contrast, IE9 and Chrome aim to strengthen a blocking system set up years ago by a group of advertisers calling themselves the Network Advertising Initiative. But their respective tools block only a selected list of advertisers.
In a separate development, Microsoft declined to confirm reports that it plans to discontinue Zune this year. “We’ll share more information about the evolution of the Zune entertainment service and Zune hardware as future plans develop,” says Zune spokesman Peter Johnson.
Zune music and videos will likely continue on Xbox Live and Windows Phone 7 smartphones.



 Friday, February 25, 2011


As many of you already know, 2 days ago his house was raided by the German police. Talk about a guy who clearly had no involvement at all with piracy, cheating, or the things Sony claims to care about. Do you want to know what he has that enrages the suits at Sony so much? Talent.

Some people call me immature, and you know what, they are probably right. Some call me stubborn, and they are right too. But this pales grossly in comparison to Sony, who is so butthurt over the PS3 being hacked they they are blinded by rage and incompetence.

A question, how many people do you think knew or cared on January 10 about all this? Maybe a couple hundred thousand? Under a percent of your market share. And these are geeks, who frankly aren't going to change their content purchasing habits based on the news. These are the kind of people who really are hacking their PS3 just for the sake of doing it, just cause it's cool. The kind of people who are telling you the truth when they say they really did just hack their PS3 to run Linux. Or they are diehard pirates who never would have bought the games anyway, you know the type.

Now fast forward to February 25. Consistently, the top Sony related news article is about the PS3 being hacked. And the causal gamer comes along and sees, oh cool, the PS3 has been hacked, now I don't have to buy games. With a few google searches, they come across stuff that I or graf_chokolo had nothing at all to do with. They install it and hit the torrent sites. Hell, I was on a political news show last night, you think those people ever would have heard about this?

Just imagine what the third party devs are thinking. The PS3 is hacked forever and Sony can't do anything but fire away at scapegoats. Great confidence boost.

This grand show against people who aren't even pirates has to be one of the worst corporate moves in recent history, perhaps even as dumb as the rootkit fiasco. Your competition fixes the problem technically and moves on. They want it to stay quiet. And as far as sending a message to "evil" hackers goes, it really isn't working. Just read the writings of graf_chokolo.

And I quote "SONY wants about 750.000 euros from me if i don’t cooperate They don’t know me at all I don’t care about it and they might double it The higher is the sum the higher gets my motivation They don’t understand what makes me tick. Money and even my life doesn’t mean to me very much without knowledge. I have a scientific mind and the knowledge is food to my brain."

They'll never understand people like us. They are scared, as they rightfully should be. We built your PS3. We built this world. We are not mindless consumers. It is us with the brains and curiosity, not you with the guns, jails, suits, titles, and dollars. And the truth is, if all of you disappeared tomorrow, the world would continue on fine. Good luck surviving without people like graf_chokolo.


No compatabiity? Use VirtualBox OSE

Are you using windows because of compatibilities issues?  Well, forget about that..
VirtualBox OSE is a way in which you can run you windows apps or mac osx apps.  Theres no reason to use windows because of word or IE, when you have open-office and firefox right?

VirturalBox OSE is a very good alternative to shitty XP mode or Microsoft virtual Machine; both are LIMITED to windows products.  VB can run any OS if you have the installation CD or ISO

Support Japan!

 Taken from ABC Website (not hand typed by me)
March 11, 2011 From ABC Website -- The American Red Cross is accepting donations to help in the wake of a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Those who wish to donate can do so at or make a $10 donation by texting REDCROSS to 90999. The money will go to those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific. The American Red Cross says the Japanese Red Cross Society has mobilized 11 teams into the heavily-damaged communities. The U.S. organization said it is in touch with its global partners in the damaged Pacific nations and prepared to help when/if needed.

If you can please donate

New volenteer authors!! (thx!)

2 really nice people decided to join my blog and become authors from i4iphones


Both are native linux users!!


Recommened installations

 Just do a simple search in your ubuntu software center or via package manager

ubuntu restricted extras
vlc media player
compiz extras
libre office
team viewer
adobe reader
qt creator
docky( known bug, at least for me; when switching to 3D dock there is somy mis display behind dock)

Why i choose Linux over Windows

I been a Windows user for over 5 years, and my impressions are not that good.  First of all, when you use a windows system, you are vulnerable to thousands of on-line threats that can put you at an security risk.   i cannot deal with these anti-virus programs popping up, giving you errors, or slowing your system down.  This is where i started to use linux.  The first distro i chose was ubuntu 9.10.  First installation, i had trouble getting the wireless to work but after a couple of tries and tweaks, i was up and running.  First thing i noticed, Ubuntu was a hell lot faster on my system.  There were many apps that came with the system.  For example, thunderbird, firefox, and lots of good tools.  i was really happy that firefox was the defualt browser.  Ie is shit. i been a l;inux user for almost 2 weeks now and im not going back to windows except for printing.

Go Linux community!!!
Burn in hell windows!!!